The Laughing Monkeys of Gravity
A Circumstance of the Porch
You're in your robe and slippers,
and it's just the Sunday paper
you want, when someone saying he's

your father suddenly slides out
from behind the wheel of a blue
late model wagon and a woman

calling herself mother waves
from the passenger's side, too
happy to move. The two of them

start unloading bags, gifts, food,
a set of electric trains,
a box of your old toy soldiers.

You can feel the shine coming back
to your face, hear white steeples,
crystal sets, the cheerful man

in the tube talking, the announcer
bringing on comedians or singers
or this week's mystery installment.

It's a circumstance of the porch.
Say hello. Start talking. Smile.
You've waited all week for this.