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Fall 2009
English 237
Course Schedule
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Note that this schedule is intended as a flexible plan, not a rigid sequence. I am willing to expand discussion times if that seems appropriate. After long experience, I have found that the best way to teach a film and literature course is to keep an open mind about the schedule. I have therefore included a number of “buffer classes” at the end.

Tues. 25 Aug. Course Intro. Reading assignment Giannetti, ch 1.
Thurs. 27 Aug. Start Welles, Citizen Kane.
Tues. 1 Sept. Discussion. Continue Citizen Kane. Giannetti Quiz 1. Giannetti
                                                                                           assignment, ch. 2.
Thurs. 3 Sept. Citizen Kane. Screening: A Journey through Film with Martin
. 7 p.m., Stetson 158.
Tues. 8 Sept. Citizen Kane. Reading assignment Walkabout. Giannetti Quiz 2. Thurs. 10 Sept. Citizen Kane.
Tues. 15 Sept. Start Walkabout. Quiz on Walkabout.
Thurs. 17 Sept. Walkabout. Continue A Journey through Film with Martin
. 7 p.m., Stetson 158.
Tues. 22 Sept. Walkabout. Reading assignment The Maltese Falcon.
Thurs. 24 Sept. Walkabout.
Tues. 29 Sept. Walkabout. Reading assignment Giannetti, ch. 3.
Thurs. 1 Oct. Start The Maltese Falcon. Quiz on The Maltese Falcon.
Tues. 6 Oct. The Maltese Falcon.
Thurs. 8 Oct. The Maltese Falcon. Giannetti Quiz 3. Reading assignment Hamlet.
Tues. 13 Oct. The Maltese Falcon. Paper assignment. Reading assignment
                                                                                         Giannetti, ch 4.
Thurs. 15 Oct. No class.
Tues. 20 Oct. The Maltese Falcon.
Thurs 22 Oct. Discussion Hamlet. Quiz on Hamlet.
Tues. 27 Oct. Let the Devil Wear Black. Giannetti Quiz 4.
Thurs. 29 Oct. Let the Devil Wear Black. Paper due. Reading assignment A
                                                                                    Clockwork Orange
Tues. 3 Nov. Let the Devil Wear Black.
Thurs. 5 Nov. Let the Devil Wear Black.
Tues. 10 Nov. Start A Clockwork Orange. Quiz on A Clockwork Orange.
Thurs. 12 Nov. A Clockwork Orange. Reading assignment Giannetti, ch 5.
Tues. 17 Nov. A Clockwork Orange. Giannetti Quiz 5.
Thurs. 19 Nov. A Clockwork Orange.
Tues. 24 Nov.  A Clockwork Orange. Final paper assignment.
Thurs. 26 Nov. No class.
Tues. 1 Dec. A Clockwork Orange. Discussion. Last date for optional paper.
Thurs. 3 Dec. A Clockwork Orange.
Tues.  8 Dec. Discussion.
Thurs. 10 Dec. Last class day. 


It goes without saying that the Mercer Honor Code is in effect at all times in this course.