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Fall 2007
English 237
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Course Number     Title                          Author

ENG 237        The World Viewed                 Cavell
ENG 237        The Cinema of Orson Welles       Cowie
ENG 237        The Noir Style                   Silver and Ursini
ENG 237        The Making of Citizen Kane       Carringer
ENG 237        Citizen Kane                     Mulvey
ENG 237        Perspectives on Citizen Kane     Gottesman
ENG 237        Orson Welles                     Bazin
ENG 237        Voices in the Dark               Telotte
ENG 237        Film Genre Reader                Grant
ENG 237        The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick    Kagan
ENG 237        Stanley Kubrick                  LoBrutto
ENG 237        Stanley Kubrick Directs          Walker
ENG 237        Kubrick, Inside a Film Artist's Maze     Nelson
ENG 237        Perspectives on Stanley Kubrick  Falsetto
ENG 237        The Encyclopedia of Orson Welles  Berg and Erskine
ENG 237        Orson Welles The Road to Xanadu  Callow
ENG 237        Perspectives on Orson Welles     Beja
ENG 237        Hamlet                           Shakespeare and Branagh
ENG 237        Film Genre Reader II             Grant
ENG 237        The Maltese Falcon               Anobile
ENG 237        The Maltese Falcon               Luhr
ENG 237        Film Adaptation                  Naremore
ENG 237        Underworld USA                   McArthur
ENG 237        Stanley Kubrick and the Art of Adaptation        Jenkins
ENG 237        John Huston                      Madsen
ENG 237        Reflections in a Male Eye        Studlar and Desser
ENG 237        Perspectives on John Huston      Cooper
ENG 237        Postmodern Auteurs               Gunden
ENG 237        A Cinema of Loneliness(second edition)   Kolker
ENG 237        Noir, Now and Then               Schwartz
ENG 237        Perspectives on Film Noir        Palmer
ENG 237        Somewhere in the Night           Christopher
ENG 237        A Cinema of Loneliness           Kolker
ENG 237        Orson Welles                     Leaming


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